Sunday, August 18, 2013

bum genius v. flip v. econobum cloth diaper systems

BumGenius, Flip, and Econobum cloth diapers are all made by the same company, Cottonbabies.  These three diapers are VERY similar and I am going to point out the differences and similarities I see between the three brands.

Our experience:
I had purchased all three of these brands to try on Elliot.  Out of the collection our Flips have been the workhorse of them all.  We started using the Flips right away with Green Mountain prefold diapers in a simple trifold with a fleece liner (Elliot was 8lbs 11.8 oz, 20 inches at birth). As a new mom and dad this combination seemed pretty easy to do.  They have a lot of little pees and poos in the newborn stage and this helped keep laundry a bit lighter.  I also liked when the snaps were on the smallest setting the diaper didn't give him a huge fluffy but.

We still use our Flips.  Occasionally I will use them with a Green Mountain prefold with fleece liner or the Flip stay-dry insert during the day.  The Flip gets the most use in our home as a nighttime go-to diaper cover.  Out of allll of our other diaper combinations, the Flip + TotsBots + 2 or 3 Hemp Babies + fleece liner is our stay-dry-all-night solution.  Our second nighttime diaper option is a Thirsties + Flip organic insert + 3 Hemp Babies layered in prefold + fleece liner.

I did not use my bumGenius diapers in the beginning because I thought that they looked so big.  Even now at a few days shy of 5 months I think they look big on him (Elliot is 18lbs 10 oz, 29 1/4 inches).  But they are a good diaper and I think I will really like them in the toddler stage.  When I polled my YouTube subscribers, this brand was the overall subscriber favorite. The inside fleece has held up nicely to washing but I have not been impressed with the after-multiple-washes aplix on either the bumGenius or Flip.

The Econobum diapers are still sitting in a drawer, new in package.  I overbought cloth diapers and I felt that I did not need them considering my abundance of other choices.  I will be selling them or giving them as gifts.  I do think that they are a good diaper and I have heard excellent things about the prefold diaper that comes inside them.  If a person was on a very tight budget I think a stash that included Flip and Econobum diaper covers would be great!

Fluffy-bargain tip:
Cottonbabies sells their "seconds" several times per year.  These are diaper covers only.  I have bought from these sales a couple times and the quality is near perfect- usually I can't tell what made the item a "second."  As of August 2013, a BG second is $11.75, a Flip second is $7.25, and a 3-pack organic Flip prefold seconds are $17.95.  I personally have never seen Econobum on their seconds sale.

Do you have bumGenius, Flip, or Econobum in your cloth diaper stash?  What is your favorite? Are there any likes/dislikes you would like to point out to readers?  Please comment below with your experiences.

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  1. BG & flips have been our favorite from the beginning! They have always fit Lincoln the best out of all the brands we had. We also love the elementals for night time.

  2. I got an econobum off of there once but have never seen them again


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