Monday, July 15, 2013

top 10 diaper bag essentials for babies

1 & 2: Diapers and Wipes
Fuzzibunz Cloth Diaper
According to my husband, this is all you need.  And as obvious as it may seem, I still frequently forget to pack reusable cloth wipes.  But I’ve learned to outsmart myself by always keeping a thin 10-pack of Honestnon-toxic disposable wipes in his bag.  As far as diapers go, I suggest packing at least 2 more than you think you’ll actually need.   There are times you will end up using them.  
Pro-Mom Tips: Keep a back-up stash of diapers in your vehicle if you need to keep your bag as light as possible.  We keep a small stack of disposable diapers in a tote in the back of our car in case we would go through the cloth diapers that were packed. Also, small coolers normally used for storing breastmilk also keep things warm if you prefer using warm wipes on your baby.

3:  Wet Bag
Wet bag and wipes are my most commonly forgotten items when I pack Elliot’s bag. If you are cloth diapering then the need for this is obvious.  Consider a wet bag with two pockets if you are cloth diapering.  I sometimes use one pocket for clean wet wipe storage.

If you are using disposables it is still nice to have a wet bag so that you can dispose of your baby’s waste at your own home instead of at the homes of others.  Wet bags are also great for clothing after spit-up or blow-out disasters.
dual pocket wet/dry bag
Pro-Mom Tip:  Keep a spare wet bag or repurpose a few plastic shopping bags in your vehicle as a backup.  You will forget your wet bag at some time and you will be grateful that you planned a backup.

4:  Change of Clothes
Spit-up, leaks, mealtime, toddler play and more give little ones plenty of opportunity to soil their outfits.  Pack one more extra outfit than you think your baby will need unless you have a backup bag in your vehicle.
Pro-Mom Tip:  Keep a spare t-shirt for you and your partner in your vehicle if you have a baby that likes to spit up or a toddler that likes to share their tornado.   If you need to keep your diaper bag light, keep a spare onesie and baby leggings for your child in your vehicle backup bag.

5:  Changing Pad
FuzziBunz reusable pad
Many diaper bags come with their own changing pad.  If you feel like your changing pad is too small or not soft enough, consider the FuzziBunz reusable changing pad.  It is a nice size fleece lined pad that will protect baby from germs and help catch any changing “accidents” that occur.  {These pads are also great for immobile-baby-naked-booty-time or infant massage at home}.  
Pro-Mom Tip:  Do you have a SUV? Set up a changing station in the back of your vehicle.  On longer outings take your nursery changing pad along with you for quick and comfortable changes for you and baby.  No room in the back and need to use public restroom changing stations? Check out disposable changing pad liners.

6:  Muslin Blanket
a + a blankets
A good quality muslin blanket is one of the best baby accessories you can carry with you.  These lightweight, breathable blankets function and substitute as swaddles, spit up rags, changing pads, car seat cover, shade cover, nursing cover, stroller cover, play mat, towel, newborn carrier butt-booster, and oh yeah...a blanket.

7:  Occupiers
Oball shaker
This is a wide category that includes all things that you depend on to keep baby busy and happy:  pacifiers, toys, books, teethers, nursing necklace, and lovies.

8:  First Aid and Grooming
Dreambaby grooming kit
It seems like I notice my child's grown out fingernails on the car ride to visit a grandparent or friend.  I like to keep a nail scissors/file and hair comb in Elliot's bag for quick touch-ups when I don't notice them at home.  My hubby is quick to check Elliot's temperature when something seems "off" about his behavior.  Underarm thermometers are relatively inexpensive so we keep a spare thermometer in each of our bags. Other items to consider packing depend on the needs and age of your child: Colic Calm, butt balm, nipple cream, nail file, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, infant's ibuprofen, and stickers {to put a smile back on a toddler's face after a boo-boo}.

9.  Snacks
Munchkin snack catchers
Of course, if you are bottle feeding you'll need to pack your feeding supplies. As your child transitions or makes the switch to solids you will want to carry snacks for them in your bag.  You might even want to throw in a disposable spoon if you have a baby that likes to feed themselves. If your child drinks from a sippy then pack that, too! (Skip that stage by teaching them how to drink from a straw or Doidy cup).

Don't forget mom when packing the snacks!  We are usually quickly rushing out the door and while taking care of everyone else I forget to take care of myself.  When hunger strikes I glad I keep a snack for myself in my diaper bag.  This is especially important for breastfeeding mamas.

10.  Mother Necessities
reusable Bamboobies
Who wants to carry around a purse AND a diaper bag?  Not me! I have a small clutch that came with my Timi & Leslie bag that holds my driver's license, debit card, cash, hair tie, bobby pins, lip balm, and mascara.  I move this clutch from bag to bag so that I'm not constantly repacking all of these items.   I also like to keep a spare set of Bamboobies in my bag if they need a change later in the day.

Did I miss anything? 
What else is a must-have in YOUR diaper bag?


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  3. According to my husband, this is all you need. And as obvious as it may seem, I still frequently forget to pack reusable cloth wipes. But I've ...

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