Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day of Birth: Elliot Lee

This photo was taken right after delivery.  Little Laundy did the newborn crawl up my belly in search of the breast. It was such a cool instinctual experience to witness for both my midwife and myself.  

After my midwife finished my stitches, Little Laundy and I took a Leboyer bath.  The primary purpose of the Leboyer is to relax, not cleanse, so no soap is used. It is intended to calm the child and return them to a lower-gravity womb-like environment to help ease trauma pain and transition from life in water to life in air.  Babies that take a Leboyer bath are said to be more relaxed and alert.  I truly believe this made a difference and will do the Leboyer bath or water birth again in the future.

We took a couple hours to breastfeed, take the Laboyer bath, and bond as a family.  Stats were later taken and Little Laundy was 8 pounds 11.8 ounces.

Daddy swaddled Little Laundy for the first time and we spent some quality alone time together.

The timing did not work out for us to have our birth photographer present, which I regret.  But she was able to stop by later that day and shoot some birthday photos of Little Laundy.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins stopped by the hospital to meet this little soul.

It was a very special moment to see my husband turn into a father.  I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is all real when I see them together.

Happy birthday, son.  You are loved more than you will ever know.


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