Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Things are getting real around this house. 
Hubby is building the cradle today!!!  
We are just a mere 12 1/2 weeks away from Little Laundy's due date.  

Directions were read. :)

And there were no "spare parts" after everything was put together. :D

Finished project:

Initial review:  The Sorelle Sterling cradle initially appealed to me for ease of transport between bedroom and other living spaces.  The cradle moves easily from room-to-room with brake-able wheels and a size that fits easily through most door frames.  The cradle rocks easily with a fingertip push but also has an optional sturdy stationary position lock. It comes with a 36x18 inch mattress. This is a beautiful cradle but the finish is easily scratched, so be careful during assembly.  Assembly was easy enough, but we needed to add an extra washer as a spacer to prevent the stationary position lock from scratching against the cradle when swinging. Overall, we feel happy with this purchase and feel it will meet our initial co-sleeping and nap-time needs.  This cradle is available on Amazon and occasionally pops up on Zulily.


  1. So exciting! Pretty soon you'll have a sweet little baby to put in it!

  2. Chad looks so proud, good work Daddy! Such a lovely cradle, eeek I'm so excited for you both. - Rebecca <3


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