Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21 Baby Boy Names

Boy names are hard!!!

I am on a mission to find some baby boy names today! We will probably not name our child before he is born, but we would like to have a short list of 5 or so names ready for this little man to make his arrival.  This is a current list of names that I like (that may or may not make it to our short list---to be revealed at a later date).

Anthony- (English) "praiseworthy"
Benjamin- (Hebrew) "son of the right hand"
Dexter- (Latin) "right-handed; dexterous"
Farley- (English) "fern meadow"
Harrison- (English) "Harry's son"
Henry- (German) "powerful household"
Ian- (Scottish) "God is gracious"
Kelson- (English) "ship keel"
Landon- (English) "long hill; grassy meadow, lawn"
Leon- (Latin) "lion"
Maxwell- (Latin) "Mack's stream"
Neil- (Gaelic) "cloud, passionate, or champion"
Paxton- (Latin) "peaceful town"
Phoenix- (Egyptian) "dark red, purple"
Quillan- (Irish) "cub"
Quinton- (Latin) "fifth"
River- (Latin) "river"
Sebastian- (Greek) "revered"
Vance- (English) "high place; thresher"
Weston- (English) "western town"
Xavier- (Basque) "new house"

What are your favorites on our list?  Do you have any other great names to add? Please comment below with your suggestions.

The origins and meanings were found from the book, "Baby Names Made Easy" by Amanda Barden.  This book organizes names into themes such as nature, health, geography, etc.


  1. I have always liked the name Ian. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I like Neil as a middle name, too. If Finley or Neil get used, it will most likely be as a middle name.

  3. Those are great names! I can't wait to hear which name you go with!

    1. Thank you! It is going to be tough! Many of them are quite different. Hubby only really likes two of them, but we are giving it some time to see if any of them grow on him (esp my favorites).

  4. I love Quinton, it's a mix of my last name and my partner's last name. I just said to him that we should call our future son Quinton and he's like noooo haha. Oh well!

    1. Thank you! You do have a beautiful last name. Darn those hubbies for x'ing our name choices.

  5. I think Henry is very cute-and I don't really know any Henry's!

  6. I love Ian :) and River and Paxton! If i ever have boys they'll be Maverick and Jaxon ;) Cant wait!!!! Lol.

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