Tuesday, October 30, 2012

21 Baby Boy Names

Boy names are hard!!!

I am on a mission to find some baby boy names today! We will probably not name our child before he is born, but we would like to have a short list of 5 or so names ready for this little man to make his arrival.  This is a current list of names that I like (that may or may not make it to our short list---to be revealed at a later date).

Anthony- (English) "praiseworthy"
Benjamin- (Hebrew) "son of the right hand"
Dexter- (Latin) "right-handed; dexterous"
Farley- (English) "fern meadow"
Harrison- (English) "Harry's son"
Henry- (German) "powerful household"
Ian- (Scottish) "God is gracious"
Kelson- (English) "ship keel"
Landon- (English) "long hill; grassy meadow, lawn"
Leon- (Latin) "lion"
Maxwell- (Latin) "Mack's stream"
Neil- (Gaelic) "cloud, passionate, or champion"
Paxton- (Latin) "peaceful town"
Phoenix- (Egyptian) "dark red, purple"
Quillan- (Irish) "cub"
Quinton- (Latin) "fifth"
River- (Latin) "river"
Sebastian- (Greek) "revered"
Vance- (English) "high place; thresher"
Weston- (English) "western town"
Xavier- (Basque) "new house"

What are your favorites on our list?  Do you have any other great names to add? Please comment below with your suggestions.

The origins and meanings were found from the book, "Baby Names Made Easy" by Amanda Barden.  This book organizes names into themes such as nature, health, geography, etc.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

baby bump: pregnancy weeks 5-19

I haven't taken too many bump photos because there isn't much to share at this point.  Although I was harboring a 6 inch crown-to-rump baby in my belly in the week 19 photo, there just isn't much of a bump to share.  I am so thankful to be at this stage of the pregnancy with a healthy baby, but I can't wait until the bump is distinctively "pregnant!" I hope to take another photo during week 21 or 22. Please subscribe to my blog or follow by email (in the right column) if you haven't already.  Thank you everyone!  I know you have patiently waited for some bump photos.  I'm patiently waiting for a bump, lol! xo, Renae