Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FAQ: Did I Have a Feeling Little Laundy Was a Boy?

     From the start of this pregnancy, I have said that logically this baby should be a boy.  We used fertility medicines that allowed us to time the conception of Little Laundy.  The HCG trigger shot ensured the timing of our IUI lined up with ovulation.  There is a theory that male sperm swim faster and female sperm live longer.  So, if our timing was right, the fast male sperm should have reached the egg before the female sperm had a chance.  But...we did baby dance at home before the IUI, so there certainly could have been longer-living female sperm at the right place at the right time. So it was a scientific coin-toss.
     I did have a strange dream a couple days before we found out the sex of the baby. In my dream my deceased grandfather (who I knew was passed) was telling me how important it was that we circumcise our child and send them to Catholic school.  I'm agnostic, but many mediums say that our deceased loved ones come to us and give us messages through our dreams.  My plan was to do neither of those, so it very well could have been a message from beyond that a baby boy was on his way!
     As far as motherly instinct or a gut feeling, I did not have a feeling one way or another.  The Chinese lunar calendar predicted a girl.  The heart-rate ranged from 180-152, which also indicated girl.  But this baby is all boy!

Did you/do you have a gut feeling what sex your child is going to be?  What sex(es) did you end up having? Were the "predictors" that you used correct?


  1. i love hearing about mothers intuition when it comes to sex of the baby! when i was pregnant with my son, i'm not sure if i was just hoping for a boy, or if i was genuinely getting boy vibes.
    i've been following your ttc journey on youtube for a while now, and i am so happy for you! and i'm a little bit happier that you aren't planning on circumcising :) evolution knows how to design us mammals, and all mammals have the prepuce...i take that as a pretty good indicator that its supposed to be there :)

  2. We are pregnant with #3 and are feeling an overwhelming girl vibe. Our first baby we felt the same but " knew" it was a boy, and he was! Baby #2 I hoped for a girl but never had a distinct feeling but everyone around me has always been right. First 2 boys and this one girl. We will know if we are right soon enough ;)


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