Thursday, March 29, 2012

Health and Fitness: Online Yoga Resources

So you are thinking about trying yoga?  Hands down, the in-studio experience with 200 hour or 500 hour certified instructors is best.  I had done videos over and over again at home, but it wasn't until I actually started practicing in a studio until I learned that my technique was incorrect on several key asanas.  Your teacher can offer so much support that just doesn't exist in a video.  If a local studio offers a yoga learning course, I highly recommend investing in yourself by taking that class.

But, sometimes the cost or logistics of practicing in studio is not a reality for many individuals.  Or you want to explore new styles of yoga.  Or you want to have an in-home resource to combine with your studio experience.  Here are some online resources that you might find useful in building and deepening your practice:

YouTube videos:  Many well known teachers have videos online, and some offer free videos on YouTube.  Sadie Nardini has a YouTube upload playlist for basically anything you are looking for in your yoga practice.  Although most of the videos on YouTube will be a shorter practice, it is a nice alternative on the days that you need something quick.  YouTube is also great for motivation.  The following video by Briohny Smyth inspires me to deepen my practice each time I watch it:

Yoga Today: This is a online subscription that my yoga teacher uses herself.  They have a free membership that offers one free class per week.  You can download your favorite classes for $3.99.  Or an unlimited membership for $9.99 per month gets subscribers access to 200+ one-hour classes that are ad free and downloads for only $2.99.

Gaiam TV: Gaiam has an awesome selection of streaming yoga, wellness, and fitness videos.  Check out their site on Sundays when there is a complete full video for free.  Membership after a free 10-day trial is $9.95 per month.  Awesome cardio videos are also streaming including Jillian Michaels and The Firm (one of my favs!).

Netflix:  If you haven't cancelled your Netflix subscription yet, check out the streaming options.  Today there were 5 adult yoga videos available streaming, along with 1 prenatal yoga video and 1 children's yoga.

When you have learned the basic poses and are ready to commit to a DVD, Shiva Rea's Daily Energy my favorite mid to high intensity yoga video.  It has a variety of shorter sequences that you can build together to get the practice your body is craving.

Do you have a favorite online yoga destination?  Please share below!

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