Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Launderlife: How I Got Here & Why I Stay

This post is dedicated to my true-life friends from YouTube and Facebook.  
 Without infertility, I never would have met you.   
I thank my lucky stars for you every day.

Those of us who are looking for support during our miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy journeys sometimes turn to social media outlets like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other online forums.  The reasons we migrate to communities such as these vary from person to person.  For me it started as a Google search for information about infertility experiences.  I felt "found" when I discovered that there were communities of women writing and vlogging about their journeys, struggles, and successes on their quest to motherhood.

I began blogging on Wordpress and made connections with fellow bloggers including those outside of the community.  It took me two miscarriages and a year of personal prodding to finally begin vlogging on YouTube in October 2010.  Blogging was a great experience, but I lost my desire to write after our second miscarriage.  I finally am starting to feel the joy of writing return.

Vlogging was a scary venture to undertake.  Would anyone watch or would I just be talking to myself? I soon discovered that the fact if anyone actually watched was of little matter.  Being able to verbally express my feelings on YouTube was therapeutic.  The first dose of therapy is the actual recording process.  The second dose of therapy happens when I watch my own vlog. And the amazing third dose of therapy was when the community found me and showered me with love and support.  For this reason, I highly recommend vlogging- even if it is as a private journal that never is uploaded.  It truly has been a healing experience for me!

This sisterhood has given me an emotional outlet and unwavering support network of like-minded women who know how I feel and can relate and truly understand good and bad days.  I came to social media for information.  I stayed because of the support.  Thank you to my readers and subscribers for your encouragement and friendship. 

Please feel free to comment!  What brought you to the YouTube/FB/Blog community?  What keeps you here?  Feel free to share your channel or blog info.